Koolaire Ice Kube Machine

Whether you’re starting a restaurant, needing to replace your existing ice machine, or deciding to add an additional ice machine to your operation, consider Koolaire by Manitowoc Ice.

Koolaire ice machines provide you with basic features you need with the reliability you expect at a price that fits your budget.
It’s all about P.R.I.C.E.

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Reliability you
can count on


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Koolaire boasts the most popular product configurations on the market with
undercounter models, 22 inch, 30 inch and 48 inch modular models. Selected models
are available in air, water and remote plus mulitple electrical options.

Half Kube

Hard, clear ice cube with unique “rhomboid” shape 3/8” x 1-1/8” x 7/8” (0.95 x 2.86 x 2.22 cm) in dimension, 96 cubes per pound of ice, maximum cooling with nearly 100% ice to water ratio.


Hard, clear ice cube with unique “rhomboid” shape 7/8” x 7/8” x 7/8” (2.22 x 2.22 x 2.22 cm) in dimension, 48 cubes per pound of ice, maximum cooling with nearly 100% ice to water ratio.


Reliability you can
count on

Koolaire ice machines are designed and manufactured by Manitowoc Ice, a trusted brand for over 55 years. These units are run through rigorous tests at High Accelerated Life Test Conditions in hot and cold rooms for more than a year before shipping—that’s equivalent to 35 years of operation—so you know they’re built for reliability and longevity.

Koolaire ice machines are backed by a three year parts and labor warranty on the ice machine. The evaporator and compressor is warrantied for 5 years.

10 Models now qualify for

Designed to help you run your operation more efficiently. Koolaire offers an entire range of ENERGY STAR® rated products including 330-lb  up to 1745-lb air cooled units covering 6 different model families.

Koolaire is dedicated to developing products that meet our customers demands for lower operational costs and greater energy efficiency.

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Initial cost of ownership

With the lowest list price in all categories compared to leading brands, purchasing Koolaire is easier on your pocket
book when you make your initial investment.
Patented automatic cleaning process

Easy, push to clean. Automatically returns to ice production after cleaning cycle ends. Switch is located away from food zone and can be activated without removing the control board cover.
Fewer cleaning steps

Compared to competitors who need 20-40 or more steps to clean their machines, Koolaire ice machines can be cleaned in 17 easy steps. Smooth, round corners with no exposed tubes, cracks or crevices makes it easier to clean all of the surface areas.
Tool-free food zone

Access to the food zone is easy, with a front facing evaporator. Tool free removal of all food zone components: distribution tube, water tray, water pump, water shield and water floats allows for disassembly in minutes.
Sealed Foodzone

For air cooled units, the foodzone is sealed to keep out side air out. The foodzone stays cleaner longer and is less suspect to bacteria entering the ice machine.
Expert Service Network
Expert Service Network

Helping you to optimize uptime through our global network of expert service partners. With first time fix rates, global OEM parts availability, factory trained service professionals with over 50 key measurements.

Our network of Factory Authorized Servicers are factory trained and performance audited, with locations in over 130 countries to meet your warranty and lifetime service, installation, start up and planned maintenance needs.
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Designed by Manitowoc Ice for reliability and longevity, with basic features you need at a price you can afford.

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